MoasdaWiki – A privacy-friendly personal knowledge management tool

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MoasdaWiki is a privacy-friendly and interactive personal knowledge management tool. It provides a browser-based GUI to search, create, and modify content in Wiki style. Additional App available to have always a copy with you.


MoasdaWiki Server:
For installation instructions see server readme file
MoasdaWiki App: Install via F-Droid,
for configuration instructions see app readme file

Feature List

What is excluded from MoasdaWiki?

MoasdaWiki is designed for personal usage, its main goal is easy usability. Due to this the following features are not planned to be implemented:


Help pages
Help Pages
App Home Screen
App Home Screen
Wiki Syntax
Wiki Syntax
App Help Pages
App Help Pages
Search results
Search Result Page
App Search Result Page
App Search Results

Short Syntax Overview

Wiki SyntaxResult
= Heading 1
== Heading 2
=== Heading 3
Heading 1
Heading 2
Heading 3
* List
** Sub item 1
** Sub item 2
# Enumeration
## Sub item 1
## Sub item 2
  • List
    • Sub item 1
    • Sub item 2
  1. Enumeration
    1. Sub item 1
    2. Sub item 2
This text is ''bold'', ##italic##,
__underlined__, ~~striked through~~,
@@monospaced@@, and °°small°°.
This text is bold, italic,
underlined, striked through,
monospaced, and small.
{{color:red}}red text{{/color}}
{{color:green}}green text{{/color}}
{{color:#0000ff}}blue text{{/color}}
red text
green text
blue text
[[Page name]]
[[Page name | Alternative text]]
External link: [[https://www.example.com/]]
Email link: [[info@example.com]]
| ||Column 1||Column 2|-
||Row 1|Cell A|Cell B|-
||Row 2|Cell C|Cell D|-
Column 1Column 2
Row 1Cell ACell B
Row 2Cell CCell D
red dot
// single-line comment

/* multi-line
comment */